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I have seen my mom sewing various clothes for me since my childhood and I was always inquisitive to know how it worked, so I used to see my mom sewing and later tried to copy her. Well, the fact was I had so much of fun while exploring it, but as I grew older I realized how important it was to learn to sew as it made me choose my own patterns, and I can make my size without trying to find the right fit from stores. I wish taking classes were as easy that time compared to it is today.

Travelling to new places, creates those special memories that we cherish forever and that’s the reason, we always try our best to get the most out of that trip. Italy is one of those destinations that we find on the wish list of most people be it for its amazing scenic beauty, monuments, or delicious pasta, pizzas or wine. So, if you are thinking of travelling to Italy anytime soon, won’t it be amazing if we can speak Italian and communicate in their language to get a more satisfying experience and not getting in a tight spot where we don’t have a two-way communication.

Thanks to science and technology!  The internet has made every sphere of life more exciting and less complicated. In our present day, with online lectures and tutorials, learning just got more accessible for both young and old.

Belly dance, a dance for old, young, fat, or slim ladies. Belly dance is one of the oldest dances in the world with its movements incorporated into the mainstream dance genre of our present-day world.

Belly dance has its origin in ancient Egypt and emphasizes the complex movement of the torso. The dance allows you to experience a harmony of both mind and body as you flow with melodies and rhythms of the music, starting from the foundation moves to the complex dance steps.

Basic Knife Skills

Learning how to cut a vegetable is an important life skill. From preparing your lunch to organising your Sunday roast, learning how to cut a vegetable is important.

Today at Learning Fever, we will be teaching you how to cut vegetables. This course is suitable for people with little to no culinary skills to people who would like to be touch up on their cooking skills.

Rebecca Leone, the American Pilates expert, strikes a blow for women by pointing out that although the development of the exercise system known as Pilates is usually attributed to just Joseph Pilates, it was in fact Joseph and his wife Clara who developed the form together, although Clara Pilates’ contribution is widely overlooked. 

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart."

–Nelson Mandela