Become a Trainer

Have you got a course inside you, waiting to burst out? Are you itching to pass on your knowledge? Perhaps you’re an expert in your field, and you’re passionate about getting your expertise to the masses. It’s time you thought about putting your teaching skills on display, and making an online tutorial of your own. We’d love to hear from you.
Diversity is key to Learning Fever, and we cover a range of topics.
Even if we already have a course that covers your specialised topic, we are interested in another point of view. Like a traditional library that has a range of books on the same subject, our online library will have multiple videos covering the same topics. This presents the members with a few different angles and gives the site a richer community of thought and a more rounded educational experience.
Every time your course is purchased, you receive a cut of the money too. But we know the real reason you teach…


As someone already skilled in the art of passing on knowledge, you will understand the rewards of lighting up your student’s eyes. What if you could do this on a bigger scale? We understand that teachers and trainers are a valuable resource for the world today. There are many locations on Earth where education isn’t as readily available as it is to us, and it is our aim to extend the reach of conventional education to all corners of civilisation. If you work with us to get your knowledge online, you will be helping the global community at large. Your training could be viewed anywhere, from the communities of Cambodia to the Boroughs of London. This isn’t just your average online tutorial, this is high-quality and world class education taking advantage of the new digital age. Get into it!


For more information and to check your suitability for Learning Fever, have a look at our Trainer requirements.