Trainer Requirements

To be a trainer, you should have one or all of the following:


  • Specialised knowledge
  • A degree in your field
  • A background in teaching
  • Long term experience


We do need you to be able to convey a clear lesson to the camera too, to make the video as enjoyable and digestible as possible for your virtual students. A degree of clarity and confidence is required; if you are already a teacher you will have this naturally. We always work to create a relaxed and friendly environment, and we have found that trainers and production team alike have enjoyed the time in the studio.


On top of all this, each time your course is purchased you receive a share of the fee through the partnership program. Our trainers are our most valuable resource, and we want to give them an incentive as well as a fair deal. For more information, we have a short video detailing the benefits of becoming a trainer, so have a look and see if it is right for you. 


These days, the internet is available to the millions, and we think you are worth sharing with every last person. If you have something to offer, then take advantage of Learning Fever. Wherever you are in the globe, it’s time to upload your skills and make the world a smarter place.