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Welcome to Learning Fever, the world’s fastest growing online educational video library. While we aim to educate a global audience, Learning Fever also strives to create the largest database of educational material available online.
This means we offer categories of courses as wide-ranging as learning a language, child psychology, health and fitness, how to be spiritual and how to meditate, how to play the guitar or other instruments, personal development, kitchen skills and cooking healthy recipes, software training courses, photography for beginners and much, much more. If it can be taught by video, you can find Learn More...

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Our varied and interesting courses are just one aspect of Learning Fever. Get to know us better:
● Courses – Browse through our extensive database for courses that interest you. From how to be spiritual to complex software training courses, we have it all.
● Freebies – Watch our free courses and get to know the trainers. Some of our most popular courses are here, such as applying foundation makeup and entering transactions in MYOB.
● About Us – Get to know our philosophy and how we are working to change the world through the development of education on a global scale.
● Why Join – Learn about the Learn More...


Education is more important than ever, and we are confident that our online video library is going to inspire a global change. Everyone should be able to learn the things that interest them, and this is why we offer courses as diverse as learning to speak Mandarin or Spanish, learning about child psychology, cooking up healthy recipes for your family, staying fit and healthy, understanding how to be spiritual or even studying how to play the guitar.
We also offer courses that are perfect for businesses, such as customer service training, software training courses, and even photography for beginners - we believe that education is not a Learn More...