5 Languages of Love


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- 5 Languages of Love
Quality Time
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Receiving Gifts
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Acts of Service
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Physical Touch
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Love Tank
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The five languages of love are about how people give and receive love.


It can sometimes feel that our partner is speaking a different language to us when they express their love.  Or sometimes it can feel that they are not receiving the love that we are giving them?  This is simply because people show their love in different ways. Once you recognise how your partner is giving you love, you have solved this very special language. 


This course is based on the book, The 5 Languages of Love, The Secret to Love that Lasts, written by Gary Chapman. 


In this short course, Serena Woroglian, a Relationship Counsellor who has 20 years’ experience counselling, explains in detail each of the five languages of love that we use to express our love.  These 5 languages of love are words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch; all languages that can strengthen and mend relationships.


On the other side of our love language, is how to meet your partners’ needs for love.  Serena will help explain how to recognise how others want to receive love and how you can give it them in the form they require for a long, happy and lasting relationship. If you need help guiding your relationship in the right direction, this course will give you proactive and practical steps to expressing your love for each other – your love will be received and the love you need will be in your language!


Transform your relationship today with this inspiring course!

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