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As soon as a mother mentions they are having a baby, advice comes flying from all directions.  It is hard to find out who is right, what advice is wrong, which advice to follow.  That’s where Baby Centre can help with all the important questions that any mother and father may have about looking after their baby.


Baby Centre is presented by Fran Chavsse a registered midwife, nurse and Clinical Director and a self-confessed lover of babies!  This baby love has been the driving force behind all her career decisions; to ensure that all mothers and their babies were happy - there is no better person qualified to present the Baby Centre course.


In a friendly question & answer style video, Fran Chavasse, begins with the very topical subject of the differences between breast milk and formula milk.  Baby Centre gives parents an opportunity to hear both sides of the story from 2 mums – one who has breast fed and another who has bottle fed. With feeding, Fran will also go through the different equipment you will need and how to prepare baby’s milk in the safest way.  Fran will also help with how much and when to feed your baby.


This course will also cover common issues with baby such as sleeping problems and patterns, using a dummy, and baby communication.  Fran will talk about baby and mother health issues such as sore and leaking breasts and nappy rash.


Baby Centre is an entertaining and educational course suitable for all new mums and mums-to-be and its intention is to ensure that all mums and babies are happy and healthy.


Enjoy being a mother!

This course does not contain any course materials.
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