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- Preview
- How to setup a shop & start selling on the largest e-commerce platform - by Charles Chan
Part 2
  • 00:13:48
- Reinventing, repackaging & repositioning of your brand for online success in China - by Colin Smith
Part 1
  • 00:11:24
Part 2
  • 00:09:55

Are you thinking of starting an e-commerce site in China or bringing your existing e-commerce site to China?  Before you start, you must watch this course for valuable information about the Chinese and their consumer habits for e-commerce.


The first part of the course looks at how to actually setup your e-commerce shop to attract Chinese consumers to your site and to actually purchase.  We will give you valuable information to take away and use to build your e-commerce site, the Chinese way! This course is taught by Charles Chan, the CEO of Cleargo, a brand e-commerce agency with offices in China and Hong Kong.  He will give you practical steps to setup shop in China and start selling on the largest ecommerce site in China. 


Brand is a very important aspect of marketing in China; the brand must mean something in order for Chinese consumers to buy from it.  We help you create THE brand that will stand out from the crowd, how to be a reputable brand and position it correctly for the Chinese market.  Colin Smith through his experience as a strategy consultant with Huawei, the largest multinational networking and equipment company, will show you how to do this with your brand.

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