How To Give Killer Speeches

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- Public Speaking
Bodies & Hands
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Introduction Speeches
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Humour & Other Aspects
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Mics & Cameras
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Preparation & On The Day
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We all know that public speaking is one of our most dreaded fears, but we want you to embrace your fear head-on with tips and tricks to stop those nerves and give you confidence in front of an audience. 


Our course leader, Judith Greenaway uses drama, public speaking and opera to motivate her students.  Her qualifications include a Master of Arts in Theatre Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication/Media. Her teachings are fun, funny and practical in the real world of public speaking.


Judith will go through with you the whole process of public speaking from simple techniques to use in preparation and during the speech that will relax you and make your presentation standout from the crowd.  She will teach you how to use microphones and cameras which will not only ease your nerves but make your presentation sound and look professional. Judith will also discuss humour and other aspects of your speech, to make your message what everyone remembers.


Be the confident public speaker you always wanted to be, in the safe environment of your home - give your speech the killer edge!

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