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- Presentation Skills for Camera
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There is a skill to presenting for the camera – we all know what an inexperienced self-conscious camera presenter looks like but when we see a professional doing it correctly we listen to their message rather than focussing on their insecurities.  This is what we will teach you today, so your message is delivered to your audience.


Presentation Skills for Camera, is a course especially for those having to present to camera. Gerry Sont, actor and presenter has been teaching camera presentation for 15 years. As an actor, Gerry has played roles in films such as Superman Returns (2006), Melvin, Son of Alvin (1984) and Home and Away (1988). 


The course covers tips and tricks of the trade from vocal warm-ups, how to balance your body to stop you moving around, how to project your voice and even what to do with your hands! The course will show you how to prepare for the filming process and which clothes are best to wear.  There are many tricks to presentation skills for the camera and Gerry will reveal them to turn you into a professional camera presenter.


At the conclusion of this course, your presentation skills in front of the camera will be improved, your confidence will be improved, allowing you to become an effective and quality communicator.

This course does not contain any course materials.
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