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- Relationship Counselling
Cheating Part 2
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Sexual Fantasies
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Communication in a Relationship
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Pamela Supple has seen it all!  The lies, the cheating, and the games that people in relationships play with each other.  She wants to help everyone in a relationship to get the most out of it and ultimately, to enjoy being in a caring and loving relationship.  Everyone is different and comes to each relationship with different ideas and expectations; it is working with each other to break down these barriers that lead to happiness together.


With her 20 years’ experience as a holistic sex and relationship therapies, Pamela is able to help our listeners through the very private topic of cheating and sexual fantasies. By looking at the reasons why people cheat in a relationship, perhaps we can change some of our actions to ensure our partner is happy and fulfilled in the relationship.


Pamela will explore the signs that a partner will show if they are having an affair. From simple signs such as wearing different perfume, to general avoidance, she will go through all of them with you.  Finally, how to cope when you have discovered your partner is cheating.  Often this is a surprise for the person, so Pamela will give you step by step instructions on how to handle the situation.


On the more intimate side of relationships, Pamela delves into sexual requests and fantasies, how to set boundaries with each other in the bedroom and how to deal with the emotional ramifications.


We recommend watching Cheating and Sexual Fantasies for all couples.  It provides insightful information about infidelity, sexual unrest, cyber-sex, and flirting. Being able to communicate with your partner is vital for any relationship, for a long and happy journey together!


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