Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription / Membership

You should not share your username or password with others as per our terms and conditions

Subscriptions may not be transferred.

Using your username & password, you may access your account from any location and watch free & paid courses on your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphones. is an online video library; our courses may only be watched as streaming videos. Any form of downloading or copying is illegal.

Free videos have been provided in order to give the viewer a taste of the trainer’s style and his/her course material. We recommend that you watch these free videos before subscribing to a course.

Our freebie courses may have advertising on the page and sometimes within the videos. Also, the free courses are mostly basic coverage of the topic whereas paid courses will be more in-depth and will not accompanied by advertisings.

Our courses come with lifetime membership. This means you only pay once and can watch the course whenever in the future you like.

Payments / Refunds

We accept Visa, Master card and Paypal. does not store your credit card details. All credit card transactions will be through Secure Pay.

Once you have been given access to the videos and the downloadable course material, we will not be able to refund your money back. If there are any problems viewing the course or the course material, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact us page and we will attend to the issue as soon as possible.


​Some courses will have a PDF file for downloading; this is similar to a hand out at a classroom. In this file you will have some of the course material or exercise files that the trainer has provided for your viewing. Once you purchase a course you will be able to download these files and practise as you go through your course. For other courses, various other materials could be provided in the form of images, audio files or other documents. These files are a value added extra to enhance your learning experience.

We are constantly updating our FAQs page. But if cannot find your answer there, please use our contact us page and send us an email.

Absolutely, once we receive a certain number of requests for a course we will begin the production phase. Please send us your course request and a short explanation as to why you think this would be a popular course.

Yes, if the trainer has provided an email address on his profile page you may contact him/her directly on that email. In the near future, we will hold monthly webinars and question time with our trainers where they will be able to answer your questions.

We are trying to accommodate for the most popular browsers and some older versions as well. We suggest that you use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.

All course material can be used for personal projects as long as you are not using this material to generate income.

Within each course you will find at least one free video so that you get a pretty good idea about the trainer and the style of teaching. Also we have provided written information about the course and the trainer in various sections of the site so you can make a clear decision before you subscribe.

No, you won't need any software or video player as such. You will be able to play our videos in most browsers as long as you have a recent version of your favourite browser.

Please select the Login button and choose the "Forgot my password" option and fill in your details. We will send your password to your email address.